Call for papers – Disruption and Diversification, XXI FIT Congress

fit-2017-logo-captureThe XXI FIT (International Federation of Translators) Congress will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from 3-5 August 2017. The emphasis will be on issues relating to disruption and diversification in all the fields of translation and interpreting.

The 2017 Congress will highlight the impacts of technology, globalisation, policy and economic change on the delivery of language services, with specific streams for indigenous and sign languages, interpreting in conflict zones, community interpreting and translation, and more.

FIT invites all those interested – practitioners, academics, students, agencies, software makers and policy makers, accreditation bodies, and buyers of services – to submit proposals for papers/posters dealing with the following session themes:

  1.  Translating from/into Minority and Indigenous Languages: politics/knowledge gaps/ globalisation/ literature/ oral heritage
  2. Language and Conflict: interpreting in war zone/technologies and skills/ preservation/vicarious trauma
  3. Community Interpreting and Translation: New and emerging communities/refugees and asylum seekers/aging populations/recognition and remuneration/ Certification, accreditation and regulation/ pedagogy and research
  4. Sign Language Interpreting: developments/access politics/ markets/ future/ technology
  5. Localisation as a Genre: developments/markets/future/technology
  6. Social Media Translation Trends: QA/ economic pressures/ technology/future of the professional in the world of the amateur
  7. Globalisation, Ethics and Status of the Profession: research/ legislation/ teaching/ changes /invisibility
  8. Translation Practice and Academic Research: change, growth, strategies
  9. Future Shock – Technology, Disruption and the New Industry Paradigm: effect on LSP, and buyers of language services/diversification/responses / quality
  10. Creativity and Translation in the Post-modern World: trans-creation, copywriting and literary translation
  11. Freelancing as a Reflective Business Practice: learning/business skills/ perceptions/training/sustainability/ diversification.

Complete outlines, abstracts, biographies and mug shots must be uploaded to the online submission platform by 1st October 2016. No late submissions will be accepted.

Further details can be found here.

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