Monday smile – Britishness

queueA heads-up for anyone who has missed it so far…

This comes from the wonderful Twitter feed VeryBritishProblems @SoVeryBritish.

I love the slogan: “Making life awkward for ourselves, one rainy day at a time”. 🙂

  • Brit 1: Sorry, are you in the queue?
  • Brit 2: Oh, no I’m not, sorry!
  • Brit 1: Oh, sorry!
    *both Brits laugh uncontrollably with relief*

To go even further in your Britishness education ;-), the website can be found here. There are books, a board game, and even a TV show!


PS If you’re wondering about relevance, let’s say that this falls into the “translation” remit of the blog for anyone who isn’t British!

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