Monday smile – Words, words, words

I suspect that readers of this blog are highly likely to suffer from the malady 🙂 known as alogotransiphobia:

The fear of being caught on public transport with nothing to read.

When I discovered that this thing had a name I felt a sense of relief that I wasn’t the only one – yes, I willingly admit that I’ve got it too. 😉


Then of course we have its close relation abibliophobia:

The fear of running out of reading material.

Can you imagine anything worse? 🙂






These words, and others, are offered by the Free Word Centre, a charity based in London, UK which is dedicated to literature, literacy and free expression. It hosts events and collaborates on a local, national and international level in three major programmes, one of which is entitled The Power of Translation.

You can follow #FreeWordoftheDay on Twitter, or sign up to receive the Free Word of the Week by email. Words are regularly in languages other than English too. 🙂


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