Monday smile – Cheese snatch

Last Friday, a heinous crime took place in South-West England… two 20kg wheels of Cheddar cheese were snatched after winning first prize at a country show competition. The categories, should you be wondering, were farmhouse vintage and crumbly vintage.

I suggest you have a look at the full story in The Guardian. You won’t regret it. 🙂

The unfortunate producer explained that one of his ancestors had had a wheel of cheese stolen in 1789 from his cart in Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet. The cheese, then worth seven shillings, was found in the possession of a woman who claimed that it “fell off the back of the cart”.

Can’t help feeling that the French might have had something to do with that, given the date… 😉


And all of this made me remember a wonderful little book I read a few years ago: Who Moved My Cheese? A wonderful parable about dealing with change. Seriously.

Might even help you in your translation business.


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