Monday smile – Offending language

An American judge, Cecilia M. Altonaga of the Southern District of Florida, responded to an extremely badly written complaint by requiring the lawyer in question to get his next pleading “reviewed and approved by a teacher of the English language“. 🙂

Here is an extract from her Order.

The Court notes Plaintiff’s proposed Second Amended Complaint is replete with grammatical errors, including improper punctuation, misspelling of words, incorrect conjugation of verbs, and lack of apostrophes when required for possessive adjectives; sentence fragments; and nonsensical sentences. The proposed Second Amended Complaint is also an eyesore, with its formatting errors and spaces.

The judge was not the only one whose hackles rose – defence counsel were also critical…

As a result, the [defendant] is left to disregard the confusing headings and base its analysis solely on the substantive paragraphs of the Complaint, which are similarly disjointed and unintelligible. Further adding to the […] difficulty is that the Amended Complaint is full of nonsensical and unintelligible statements […]. Some paragraphs do not even contain complete sentences.

Sound familiar anyone? 😉


To find out more, see this article over at Above the Law.

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