Research journal issue on translation quality (open access)

As regular readers know, one of the goals of this blog is to build bridges between academia and practice, and so I am delighted to tell you that the 2017 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series – Themes in Translation Studies, entitled “Translator Quality-Translation Quality: Empirical Approaches to Assessment and Evaluation”, is now available, open-access, for download.

I’d especially like to point out one article, by Marja Kivilehto and Leena Salmi, Assessing assessment: The Authorized Translator’s Examination in Finland. The authors discuss the assessment systems used in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany, and present the results of a case study on the application of the scoring chart used in the Finnish examination for “authorising translators to translate legally valid texts”.

The journal issue can be accessed here.

You might also be interested in the 2013 issue on Research models and methods in legal translation.


Hat tip to Lucja Biel @Lucjab for making me aware that the issue had been published.


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