Monday smile – The Oxford comma has personality

Following the recent settlement of the Oxford comma dispute involving a dairy and some truck drivers¹ (see here, for example), you may enjoy perusing the Twitter account of the Oxford comma @IamOxfordComma. 🙂

A few examples for you…

Yes, the Oxford Comma is optional. Then again, so is wearing shoes.

Going on a first date? Always remember to ask their opinion on the Oxford Comma.

Deleting Oxford commas = microaggression.


You might also like to have a look at the tweet of 22 Nov 2016. 😉

And finally, do read what Ken Adams @KonciseD has to say in this blog post – puts things into great perspective on why commas are only part of the drafting picture.


¹ The Circuit Judge explained the case clearly back in March 2017: “there is no serial comma to be found in the exemption’s list of activities, thus leading to this dispute over whether the drivers fall within the exemption from the overtime law or not“.

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