AIIC Legal Interpreting Symposium, San Francisco, USA

The Legal Interpreting Committee of AIIC (Association internationale des interprètes de conférence / International Association of Conference Interpreters) is organizing a symposium on legal issues in San Francisco from 5 to 8 June 2018. At the same time, AIIC USA will stage an exhibition on the Nuremberg trials.

Topics include:

  • The US court system
  • Training and CPD of legal interpreters
  • Ethics and standards
  • Status of the legal interpreting profession: US vs. Europe
  • Interpreting at national vs. international courts in the light of the Nuremberg tradition.

A tour of the Supreme Court is planned, number of places limited.

The venue is the Judicial Council of California, San Francisco, USA.

More information and registration details on the EULITA website, and a link on the AIIC website.


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