Although the online ‘journal’ Lexology was included in my recent compendium, I thought it was worth doing an individual post to emphasize its usefulness to you.

Lexology delivers a very comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights. It publishes in excess of 450 articles every day from over 900 leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 25 languages. There are also regular webinars.

The searchable archive now contains more than 900,000 articles. A combination of “timely, quality, granular information and relevant insight supported by innovative technology” makes it easy to use and a precious resource.

You can also sign up (free of charge) to receive a daily email with specific intelligence relevant to your work area, jurisdiction(s) and many other parameters. A paid service provides additional content, workflow tools, practical resources and in-depth analysis.

Have a browse here – you won’t be disappointed! This recent blog post explains the new interface.

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