Monday smile – B(re)aking news

We are on a theme here, between Baguetiquette, climbing croissants, and copyrighted caterpillars… Today for your delectation… the story of an unfortunate miller in south-west France who earlier this year reported a surprising theft of 14 tonnes of… bags of flour. Yup, 14 tonnes.

The gendarmes’ investigations led to the arrest of the thief, who admitted the offence. He was reselling the flour to a baker. This June, the baker and his wife will appear before the court of Castres for theft and receiving stolen goods.

French-speakers will appreciate the headlines: “Le voleur de farine pris la main dans le sac“; “Le voleur a dérobé près de 14 tonnes de farine au meunier et se trouve dans un sacré pétrin“. 😊

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