Monday smile – CA$ 32 trillion claim (and more)

Following an alleged hit-and-run and ensuing injuries, a man in British Colombia, Canada filed a claim for (and this is where it gets a touch surprising…):

  • a private audience with Her Majesty the Queen
  • the suspension of trade with China
  • the dismantling of Transport Canada
  • the postponement of an election
  • the release of classified documents
  • the “cleaning up of the swamp” (no further detailed)
  • the reconstruction of the RCMP [the Mounties],
  • an MRI of his entire body
  • CA$32 trillion
  • and 500,000 Tesla shares.

In a ruling this Spring of the British Colombia Supreme Court, Judge Douglas Thompson dismissed the suit, saying the claims were “scandalous, vexatious, and otherwise an abuse of process”. Indubitably… 😊


Hat tip to Kevin Underhill and his unmatched blog for bringing this to my attention.

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