Monday smile – Hilarious academic paper titles

Here’s a selection of actual paper titles to cheer up your week. 😊

The effect of having Christmas dinner with in-laws on gut microbiota composition

(increased contact with in-laws during the holiday season is an important environmental factor known to affect both physical and mental health)

Carbon monoxide: to boldly go where NO has gone before

(nitric oxide if you’re wondering)


Freewheelin’ scientists: citing Bob Dylan in the biomedical literature

(It all started in 1997 with a review in Nature Medicine entitled “Nitric oxide and inflammation: the answer is blowing in the wind.”)

Will the real self-thinning rule please stand up?

(plant populations if you’re wondering…)


Snakes on a Spaceship – An Overview of Python in Heliophysics

(programming in space science)

In the beginning was the worm: finding the secrets of life in a tiny hermaphrodite

(“Brown’s description of the worm project reveals that Brenner had endeavored to construct a complete map of the worm on at least three different levels”)




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