Monday smile – Hilarious academic paper titles (part 2)

Following on from this post, here’s another selection from the kookier realms of academia… 😊

Research Re: Search & Re-Search

(By exploring promising parts of the search space first, best-first algorithms are usually more efficient than depth-first algorithms.)

You are what you eat: Examining the effects of provisioning tourism on shark diets

(Diving with large sharks is becoming more and more attractive to recreational divers worldwide…)


The return of the jedi: comparison of the outcomes of endolaser dacryocystorhinostomy and endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy



Space – The Final Frontier for Economists and Elephants




Where the Weird Things are: A Collection of Species Range Extensions in the Southern California Bight



p53 shades of Hippo

(Similar to the p53 family, the Hippo signaling pathway impacts a multitude of cellular processes)

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