Monday smile – Back to the office etiquette

For those of you who actually worked in an office (!!), many firms are now asking their staff to go back to being on their premises during working hours. I really enjoyed this guide to returning to the workplace – hope you will too. 😊

  1. Attire. Dress your entire body, not just the top half. Turning up to work in PJs or pants is, apparently, still largely frowned upon.
  2. Children. Suffering home-schooling withdrawal? Ask a colleague to hassle you for biscuits every five minutes. 
  3. Commuting. No more rolling out of bed at 8.57. Start downloading all the podcasts you’ve missed and practice shaking your head and mumbling about traffic.
  4. Hot drinks. You won’t be able to blow on a cup of Pinot Grigio and pretend it’s tea or coffee in the office. Not a bad habit to break, anyway. 
  5. Family Suppers. Unless you’re happy to eat at midnight, you may struggle to cook from scratch every night.


Hat tip to the British company ‘Cook’ for this guide.

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