Swiss legislation resource (FR/IT/DE)

The Transius Centre at the University of Geneva has just announced a multilingual resource developed by an international team led by Professor Annarita Felici.

CHEU-lex is a parallel and comparable corpus of Swiss and European Union (EU) legislation published in the three official languages of the Swiss Confederation (French, German and Italian).

It comprises:

1) bilateral agreements entered into between Switzerland and the EU from 1972 to 2017

2) Swiss federal legislation representing the reception of these agreements.

The corpus aims at providing a richly annotated multilingual resource to investigate the influence of EU drafting and translation practices on Swiss legislation.

CHEU-lex datasets can be explored from a monolingual (e.g. bilateral agreements in a single language), parallel (e.g. bilateral agreements in the three languages), cross-textual (e.g. bilateral agreements and Swiss legislation in the same language), intratextual (e.g. by text subsections) or diachronic perspective to obtain information on frequency, concordance, parts-of-speech (POS) or syntactic features.

See the CHEU-lex pages of the Transius website and explore the corpus here.


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