Monday smile – Cheesed off

In America, a federal judge has ruled that “Gruyere” cheese does not have to come from the “Gruyere region of Europe” (notice my bunny ears quotation marks) to be sold under the “gruyere” name.

A consortium of Swiss and French cheesemakers from the region around the town of Gruyères, Switzerland, sued in the US District Court in Virginia after the federal Trademark Trials and Appeals Board denied an application for trademark protections.

Not so funny at all in my opinion (as a French/Swiss cheese lover and supporter) – but ABC News headline is worth a tiny smirk…

Judge pokes holes in Swiss cheesemakers’ legal arguments

While a Switzerland-based blogger who used to work at the WTO Secretariat notes regarding a photo of the fromage at issue: “Whether or not that lump of something can pass as “Gruyère cheese” in the United States of America, it has absolutely nothing to do with the “exacting standards” of the “Swiss region” since yesterday, let alone the early 12th century.” and… “Please, US friends, remember that SWISS GRUYÈRE DOES NOT HAVE HOLES. It is not a Tom and Jerry cheese. Emmental does.”

Thus proves just how far those headlines got it wrong… 😊

The World Trademark Review called it the “Gruyere genericide decision”.


Credit to the Tradebetablog.

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