Speech repository of the European Commission

The Speech Repository is an e-learning tool developed by the Directorate-General Interpretation at the European Commission, to help improve the quality of conference interpreter training.

It is a vast collection of speeches, on a wide range of subjects and with different styles, and contains real-life examples which have been collected from national institutions and international organisations.

There are also recordings of pedagogical material – speeches delivered by experienced EU interpreters and university trainers. Those speeches are tailored specifically to the needs of student interpreters for practice in both consecutive and simultaneous mode and are adapted to the different stages of their training path.

The Speech Repository covers all 24 official EU languages, the languages of some of the candidate countries, plus Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

You can search the speeches by language, and if you wish by level (basic, beginner, intermediate, advanced/test-type and very advanced), use, domain, type (conference, debate, hearing, interview, and pedagogical material), speech number, and keyword.

The majority of the repository is open for public use, while a small part is restricted to partner universities and organisations, or EU-accredited interpreters.

You can access the repository here.

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