Seminar – Interpreting in War Crimes Trials

The School of Humanities & Languages at UNSW Sydney is organizing its Linguistics Translation & Interpreting Seminar 2022 on 19 April, on the subject of “Interpreting in War Crimes Trials – the Experience of International Courts and Tribunals“.

In this seminar Dr Alex Tomić, a former interpreter at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and later Chief of Language Services at the International Criminal Court (ICC) discusses the interpreting practices of war crimes international courts and tribunals where multilingual proceedings are conducted with simultaneous interpretation.

Dr Tomić’s presentation will cover topics such as languages used in these courts, working conditions including preparation, and the emotional stress and coping mechanisms. She will particularly address interpreter training at ICC and other innovative practices she introduced as the Chief of Language Services.

In addition to discussing the daily reality of interpreters working in international criminal courts, she will also discuss the challenges of their interactions with interpretation users: the accused, the witnesses, the judges and the lawyers, and other participants to these trials.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A from the floor.

To download the flyer and for information on registration for this free event, click here.


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