Monday smile – Synonyms

My apologies for recent silence – the last couple of weeks have been an uphill task here. News on that later in the week or early next week.

Meanwhile, let’s start the week with cheer!

This has being doing the rounds of social media for quite some time, but I don’t think that makes it any less funny…

“A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget’s Thesaurus spilled its load leaving New York. Witnesses were stunned, startled, aghast, stupefied, confused, shocked, rattled, paralyzed, dazed, bewildered, surprised, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, confounded, astonished, and numbed.”

In the same vein here’s another smile I rather like:

I asked my dog for a synonym of cinnamon.

He said bark.

Have a lovely week!



Hat tips to no less than three readers who brought the Roget’s post to my attention! 😊

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