Translating Europe Forum 2022

The Translating Europe Forum 2022 is to be held from 9 to 11 November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. There are 400 places and the organisers aim the forum at the following attendee profiles: “students, universities, translators and interpreters, other language industry, ministries, public authorities, and NGOs”.

“#2022TEF will show how technology, coupled with the specialist skills and knowledge of translation professionals, is making the world a more interconnected, accessible and user-friendly place. Translation continues to help businesses reach foreign clients, with the audio-visual sector taking on increasing prominence. Emerging language technologies such as speech-to-text and automated speech recognition help people in crisis situations overcome language barriers, bring them more diverse foreign news content and allow them to enjoy films in different languages. Technology means we can dream big, but humans – with our irreplaceable creativity – remain centre-stage.”

The organisers have announced that registration opens in September.

* update 28 September: registration is now open here.

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