Publication – ‘Machine translation : driven by humans, powered by technology’

The Directorate-General for Translation (European Parliament) has recently published a compilation of six contributions from its biennial internal conference, entitled “The Many Faces of Translation – Machine translation: driven by humans, powered by technology“.

“The theme of the 2021 conference was ‘Machine Translation: driven by humans, powered by technology’. Over the course of the two days, we explored how humans and machines can work together efficiently. One aspect was particularly important to us: the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). There is no doubt that AI has already become a key technology. The European Union needs to keep up with progress in this field. However, cutting-edge technology is not an end in itself. While AI should be part of our toolbox, humans must always be front and centre.”

Table of Contents

  • Rule-based, statistical and neural machine translation: What now? by Dragoș Ciobanu
  • Live speech-to-text and machine translation
tool for 24 languages – One year on by Marcin Feder & Martina Giannarelli
  • La traduction automatique et arte : je t’aime,
moi non plus ? by Nicolas Beckers
  • eTranslation: AI-powered support for EU multilingualism by Markus Foti
  • Authenticity and machine translation by Sharon O’Brien
  • Language technologies for video localisation:
 The good, the bad and the future by Yota Georgakopoulou.

You can download the publication (available as one language version with the foreword and five chapters in English and one chapter in French) free of charge here.


Hat tip to Professor James Archibald for making me aware of the publication.

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