HCCH adopts Spanish as third official language

In a historic decision this week, Spanish was adopted as third official language of the HCCH – Hague Conference on Private International Law as of 1 July 2024.

The official announcement notes: “It is a triumph for multilinguism & multilateralism benefiting over 24 member States & treaty parties & 700M people worldwide. The decision will foster participation at HCCH meetings of Spanish & Portuguese speaking countries & a better implementation of the conventions benefiting all States parties connected by the conventions worldwide”.

The 3-minute video below (English subtitled in French) explains what the HCCH does (also available in Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, and Uzbek).

To find out more about the work of the HCCH, see the 2022 Annual Report available here.

9 March 2023

Día histórico: ¡la HCCH acuerda adoptar el español como tercer idioma oficial!

A historic day – the HCCH agrees to adopt Spanish as third official language!

Jour historique : la HCCH décide d’adopter l’espagnol comme troisième langue officielle !

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