UNESCO launches Women4Ethical AI expert platform to advance gender equality

In late April, UNESCO, in line with its work to implement a global ethical framework for artificial intelligence, launched Women4Ethical AI, a new collaborative platform to support governments and companies’ efforts to ensure that women are represented equally in both the design and deployment of AI.

The platform’s members will also contribute to the advancement of all the ethical provisions in the UNESCO’s Recommendation.

“To avoid biased analyzes and to build technologies that take into account the expectations and needs of all of humanity”, UNESCO has put gender equality at the heart of its Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, the first global standard-setting instrument in this area, unanimously adopted by its 193 Member States in November 2021. This document, which is a concrete roadmap for states in establishing their AI policies, plans to adopt a gendered approach to all aspects of AI.

To accelerate the implementation of this objective, UNESCO created Women4Ethical AI, a collaborative platform to support governments and companies’ efforts. The platform unites 17 leading female experts from academia, civil society, the private sector and regulatory bodies, from around the world. They will share research and contribute to a repository of good practices.

Read more on the UNESCO website here.

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