Conference – Transius 2022, Geneva

The Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) will hold its next international conference from 27 to 29 June 2022 in collaboration with IAMLADP’s Universities Contact Group (UCG). The conference will provide a forum for dialogue between scholars and practitioners with a common interest in legal translation and institutional translation settings more generally. It illustrates the Centre’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and advocating translation quality in the field.

The 2022 conference will combine keynote lectures, parallel paper presentations, a poster session and thematic roundtables, so that all participants, from high-level experts to translation trainees, can benefit from the exchange of experiences.

Contributions on the following themes are welcome: 

  1. Problems, methods and competence in legal translation, including comparative legal analysis and legal hermeneutics for translation
  2. Terminological issues in legal and institutional translation
  3. The use of corpora and computer tools for legal and institutional translation practice, training and research
  4. Sociological and ethical issues in legal and institutional translation
  5. Developments and implications of institutional policies of translation and multilingual drafting
  6. Thematic specialisation in institutional translation (technical, scientific, financial, etc.)
  7. Translation quality control, quality assurance and management practices in institutional settings
  8. Court translation and interpreting
  9. Legal and institutional translator training

Submission of proposals

The organisers welcome proposals for individual or collective contributions on the conference topics in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish in either of two formats: papers (for 20-minute presentations) or posters (of a maximum size of 100 x 120 cm).

Institutional practitioners from IAMLADP organisations are also invited to submit proposals on the above topics (they will also receive a separate announcement through the UCG). Based on these proposals, thematic panels and roundtables will be organised to stimulate debate, and selected speakers will be invited to moderate or join roundtables.

The deadline for the submission of all proposals is 31 October 2021. Further information on the online submission process will be circulated in September 2021 through the Transius Centre’s website and Twitter account.

Please see the Transius website for all information.

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