Monday smile and an update

Hello dear readers,

My apologies for recent silence which has been due to ill health. The blog will be taking a summer rest, resuming normal service in mid-September.

Wishing you all a great August.


Here is a little smile in the meantime…



Monday smile – Cheese coercion

Today’s Monday smile comes by courtesy of Kevin Underhill’s fantastic blog Lowering the Bar.

Kevin puts the case: “Two Florida plaintiffs have sued McDonald’s Corp. over its dastardly practice of—and you may wish to sit down before reading this—charging them full price for a Quarter Pounder with cheese although said Quarter Pounder had no cheese of any kind. Did this have anything to do with the fact that Plaintiffs asked for the cheese to be removed? Well, one could argue that it did. Because it did.

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Monday smile – Interpreting meeting-speak

Today’s smile is an extract from a book first published in 1933, entitled “England, their England“, by A. G. Macdonell. It is social satire, and takes the form of a travel memoir by a Scotsman whose father’s will has obliged him to live in England. There he is commissioned by a Welshman to write a book about the English from a foreigner’s point of view. 🙂

The extract below ends a description of the Assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva, involving an interpreter who would appear to be a proponent of plain language… 😉

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