Monday smile – A ‘simple’ guide to exporting

England’s Cabinet Office (stated remit “support the Prime Minister and make sure the government runs effectively”) recently released this animated film via Twitter.

Before you watch it, remember that this is not meant to be comedy – the Cabinet Office is being serious!!!

To get the full effect of this ‘simple’ guide, stay with the video right to the end… 😳 Continue reading

Monday smile – Kissing alligators and other marital quirks

In a report on the Nasdaq website (I would love to understand the connection here…!), “A small town Mexican mayor married his alligator bride in a colorful ceremony as traditional music rang out and revelers danced while imploring the indigenous leader to seal the nuptials with a kiss”.

“San Pedro Huamelula Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa obliged more than once during Thursday’s wedding, bending down to plant his lips on the small alligator’s snout, which had been tied shut presumably to avoid unwanted biting. Continue reading