Monday smile – What on earth…

This week, I came across a scarcely credible clause in the terms of a service of the contentious corporation Amazon. Reported in 2016 on Spiceworks, it is, amazingly, still online. In fact, according to the webpage, it was updated 6 days ago!

Lumberyard, by the way, is apparently a freeware cross-platform game engine.

So here we go, the Service Terms of Amazon Web Services:

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Monday smile – Cheats will out

An elaborate scheme for cheating at law exams hit the media last week. A few years ago, in Spain, a law student apparently etched (!!) a number of Bic biros with crib notes. Newsweek reported: “The pens were confiscated from a student ‘a few years ago’ during an exam on ‘criminal procedural law’ and they only resurfaced while a law professor was recently tidying up her office.” Continue reading