Monday smile – Sweet-talking law firm

In late autumn, the law firm Shoosmiths decided to go the extra mile to entice its employees back to work in its London offices. According to the Law Society’s Gazette, the firm put out “jars of sweets complete with scoops and little pink and white bags” and “the jars are restocked on a regular basis and staff take their chance to fill up on cola bottles and jelly babies”. Continue reading

Monday smile – With all due respect

The English Law Society’s Gazette recently published news of some new research on legal language. The article notes that “‘With respect’ can be one of the rudest phrases in the English language.

The Gazette adds: “Now it’s official, thanks to research by linguistic academics. Their source is the language of the appellate courts, in particular transcripts of the Supreme Court hearings in R v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.”

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