Monday smile – Good luck with your asparagus

Official gazettes are not usually light reading. 😋 However, in Belgium recently, the Moniteur Belge hit the headlines all over Europe thanks to a recipe for asparagus and cheese gratin finding its way into the text.

It seems that when updating an Arrêté royal amending an earlier law on the price of medicines, somebody managed to accidentally paste in a recipe for Asperges au gratin. 🤣 Continue reading

Monday smile – CA$ 32 trillion claim (and more)

Following an alleged hit-and-run and ensuing injuries, a man in British Colombia, Canada filed a claim for (and this is where it gets a touch surprising…):

  • a private audience with Her Majesty the Queen
  • the suspension of trade with China
  • the dismantling of Transport Canada
  • the postponement of an election
  • the release of classified documents
  • the “cleaning up of the swamp” (no further detailed)
  • the reconstruction of the RCMP [the Mounties],
  • an MRI of his entire body
  • CA$32 trillion
  • and 500,000 Tesla shares.

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Monday smile – Bordering on uncertainty

The Brussels Times noted this week that “a farmer from the Walloon municipality of Erquelinnes has made international headlines after he accidentally moved the French border, making Belgium ever so slightly bigger in the process”.

“The accidental invasion – by around 7.5ft according to reports – came after the farmer decided to move the 150 kg stone marker, his French neighbour told local media.” The Belgian farmer, apparently irritated by the stone in his tractor’s path, had moved it inside French territory.

Instead of causing international uproar, the incident has been met with smiles on both sides of the border.

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Monday smile – Copy cat-erpillar

Today’s smile continues our “batch” of cake- and bread-related mirth.

The Spectator mazagine reported:

In news that shook the world of children’s parties, office birthdays, and millennials, Colin the Caterpillar went to war. M&S has filed an intellectual property claim with the High Court against Aldi, in an effort to protect their chocolate-covered swiss roll celebration cake, and demanded that Aldi stop selling their copy cat-erpillar, Cuthbert.

The action has caused quite a stir – there is a hashtag #FreeCuthbert…

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