Article about forensic speech analysis & new magazine

A new language and linguistics magazine has just been launched that might interest you. The quarterly is called “Babel” and this is the editors’ description:

“Whilst Babel is written in English, it will address issues relating to many different human languages, including those under threat of disappearing as well as the world’s major languages. There will be regular features, such as biographies of influential thinkers on language (‘Lives in Language’) and explanations of technical terms (‘A Linguistic Lexicon’) and there will also be feature articles on topics of general interest as well as regular quizzes and competitions.”

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Reporting from Caserta – Part 2

This second post includes a further selection of papers from the conference Law, Language and Professional Practice held in Caserta last week. Apologies to all those whose presentations have not been included here – there were two or three parallel sessions at the conference, and it was impossible to attend all of them. However, the full book of abstracts can be downloaded.

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Reporting from Caserta – Part 1

Today, dear readers, I offer you a report from the conference “Law, Language and Professional Practice“, held last week in Caserta, near Naples, Italy, and attended by delegates from every continent. The book of abstracts can be downloaded from the conference website.

I have made a subjective selection of presentations, aiming to give you an idea of the wide range of topics covered. The conference was attended by scholars, advocates, translators, interpreters, teachers of legal language, and government officials, amongst others.

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Conference – Law, Language and Professional Practice, Naples, Italy

The English Language Chair of the Law Faculty of the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli is organizing its Second International Conference on Law, Language and Professional Practice. Drawing on some of the issues and discussions about the relationship between Law and Language in the first conference (17-19 June 2010), this second conference takes the theme forward by bringing into focus the third perspective of ‘professional practice’, which is particularly relevant to our increasingly globalized world today. Registration for the conference is now open.

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