Corpus-based terminology project – participants needed!

iStock_000004686082XSmallI am looking for professional legal translators (whether new in the career or experienced) to trial a new methodology on terminology called NIFTY. Participation includes a free training pack (15-minute video and handbook), in return for some feedback in the shape of two fast and easy to complete online forms.

The NIFTY methodology involves using specialized electronic corpora (collections of texts), compiled by translators themselves, to find appropriate terms in the target language, in particular types of text (just as an example – joint venture agreements, offering circulars, divorce decrees – but it could be any category you like).

The NIFTY methodology applies to all language pairs, and results of participation will be anonymized. It has also been developed to take as little time as possible (on average 30 minutes in the pilot study), so as to be useful to working translators.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me at nifty28@protrads[dot]com.