Procedures in EU countries – European Judicial Network

The European Judicial Network began operating in 2002. It is a non-bureaucratic structure operating informally to simplify judicial cooperation between Member States*.

The EJN […] provides valuable access to justice for persons engaged in cross-border litigation.”

The EJN website provides, for each country, and in EU languages, information on 20 themes (just click on the theme in the list on the left of the page) including: overviews of each national legal order; the organization of courts; service of documents; interim and precautionary measures; and the enforcement of judgments. Not all themes are available in all languages yet, but links are given where this is not the case.

It is a really useful resource for lawyers handling international cases, as well as translators, particularly in understanding key terms and concepts.

The EJN website is soon to be migrated into the European e-Justice portal. For the moment however, I would say that it is more usable at the above link.

*Denmark does not participate in the EJN.

Credits: Thanks to Ulla S. and Lucasz Z. for bringing this webpage to my attention.

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