Canadian radio show discusses court interpreting

Babel, a new show on the Canadian radio station CBC Radio One hosted by an Argentinian with a passion for languages “explores the impact of diversity, technology, and community on Canadian English”.

This 28-minute episode of the show discusses a variety of language-related topics including multilingual families, court interpreting, medical interpretation and forensic linguistics.

You can access the recording here:

Here are a few talking points I took away: “interpreters and lawyers say there is an alarming shortage of skilled interpreters across Canada and it’s affecting whether justice is served”; “court interpreters need to learn expletives”; and they need “to be able to write a Master’s thesis in either language”

Credit: Many thanks to Tim Grant who brought this interesting radio programme to my attention.

Note: The part of the episode on court interpreting starts at 6 mins 30, and forensic linguistics at 16 mins 20.

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