Conference – Translating Cultures, International Mediation

As part of the project Translating Cultures – Language and Cultural Aspects of International Mediation, a symposium is to be held in Nottingham, UK from 15 to 17 August 2012, during which academics specialising in language, translation and intercultural studies, and professionals with profound experience and interest in cross-cultural and intercultural mediations will exchange knowledge, experience and ideas on:

  • how languages (linguistic and non-linguistic) are exploited and used/phrased sensitively in relationship management by mediators to handle potentially difficult conflictive situations in cross-cultural/intercultural dispute resolutions;
  • cultural variables that influence people’s use of language to achieve certain interactional goals and their impact on the process and the outcome of international mediations;
  • the representation in interpretation of cultural differences and differences in the use of language in relationship management when an interpreter is involved in the mediation.

The list of speakers can be consulted here, including lawyers, facilitators, mediators, judicial educators, a high-profile conference interpreter, a specialist in company language policy, and academics working in such fields as forensic linguistics, translation and interpreting studies, language and law, and intercultural issues.

Some presentations will be video-recorded and made available on the project website. I will post an update when they have been uploaded.

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