Translation and interpreting jobs at EU – apply now!

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has launched translator competitions for Estonian, Irish, Latvian and Portuguese. Apply by 14 August.
Competitions for English, French and Italian translators are postponed until 2013.

In addition, there are some open competitions to select conference interpreters at two different grades (i.e. different levels of experience) not to fill a specific post, but to constitute a reserve pool from which the institutions draw recruits as and when they need them, in Danish, German, English and Slovak. Apply by midday (Brussels time – CEST) on 7 August 2012.

More information on these two opportunities from:

There are also paid translation traineeships being offered for graduates, which run for five months starting in March 2013. Apply before 31 August (12:00 Brussels time – CEST).

More information about the traineeships from:

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