Proz Lawyer-Linguist Virtual Event

Now I know that some readers have reservations about, but in the interests of the dissemination of information… is organizing a virtual event for lawyer-linguists entitled “A Meeting of Minds”. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A with experts, and also provide their input. The live portion of the virtual event will be held in English, with on-demand content provided in a variety of languages.

The organizers are currently seeking lawyer-linguists to provide sessions on the following topics:

  • Working as a Lawyer-Linguist for the European Court of Justice (Freelancers and In-House)
  • Training for the Lawyer-Linguist Profession
  • Maintaining a Law Practice as a Lawyer-Linguist
  • The Lawyer-Linguist as Interpreter Foreign Language Document Review: The State of the Industry
  • What is the role of the Lawyer-Linguist in the Language Services Industry?

Further information can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Proz Lawyer-Linguist Virtual Event

  1. While I see the value in events like this (better yet as real, not virtual ones), I find it a shame that the venue would be one known for its lack of standards and corrosion of professional practice in language services. But when the real professional organizations so often fail to offer this type of event and publicize the events internationally, I suppose it’s no wonder that the hyenas take the plain.

    • Kevin, the professional bodies DO occasionally run events like this- as do universities. This year, for example, there was a one-day workshop on legal translation for the ITI Scottish Network (on the Isle of Skye), a one-day workshop on translating contracts for the BDUE (in Frankfurt), and the 2nd International Conference on Law, Translation & Culture in Hong Kong. Those were the events I was involved with, but I am sure there were others too (a conference on legilinguistics is held every year in Poznan, for example).
      The German BDUE have a bespoke 3-day legal translation course for their members, run through City University, and I know that both the ITI and the CIOL are keen on organising such events too (last year there was a one-day workshop held at Portsmouth University, but co-organised by ITI, on legal translation).

      All of those events were ‘real’, rather than virtual, and most were organised either by or in co-operation with professional bodies, so I find your criticism a little harsh. If you look elsewhere on this blog, you will also find various other conferences being offered in this field, and at City University we offer various courses on a CPD basis. At the moment, we are just on day 3 of a 4-day module on the law of contract, with the next module scheduled for January, covering Company & Commercial law.

      The advantage of a virtual conference is that it is a lot easier for people to attend (and of course, being free means that it is quite attractive from a financial perspective too).

    • Hi marina,
      I’m afraid I have no connection with the organizers of this event – the post was published for information purposes only. You need to contact Proz about your question.
      Thanks for reading the blog!

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