From Louboutin to lawyer-linguists?

A recent article in the magazine The Economist has highlighted a need for legal translators and linguists to work in ‘discovery’ (reviewing large quantities of documents and data to see which are relevant for a case). Indeed the article goes so far as to say at the end that some aspiring lawyers could do well to redirect their careers towards language-based positions.

Using some recent high-profile cases such as those involving the French couture houses Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint-Laurent, and Samsung v. Apple, the article points to a growing market for “cultural and linguistic experts”.

You can read the whole article here.

What do you think? Could this raise the profile of legal translation and linguistic/intercultural input?

You might also be interested in this guest post about translating during the document review process – When we are asked to translate useless materials…

8 thoughts on “From Louboutin to lawyer-linguists?

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  2. Thanks for bringing this article up! It is amazing how lawyers don’t know how to take better advantage of legal translators. Maybe this piece will be an eye opener and represent a begining of a turning point.

    And since I’m writing a post, I would like to say how I so much LOVE your blog. I’m sorry for not expressing how much a enjoy it as often as I enjoy reading it! But I do always share it on my FB page. warm regards!

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