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guest bookAs you know, this blog is non-commercial, so the following post is very much in the spirit of information sharing, and not advertising. In my opinion, there are so few training resources available (especially that are not tied down geographically!) that we must share all we can. I have posted before about eCPD here and here, but this time Lucy Brooks, the founder, is going to tell us directly about eCPD’s latest venture… Over to you Lucy!

* * *

Lucy 2011When I started eCPD Webinars back in the summer of 2010 I could not have envisaged its worldwide success. Though still a small company, eCPD has developed into the provider of continuing professional development (CPD, CE, PD) of choice for translators and interpreters around the entire globe. Delegates from every region and time zone regularly attend our presentations. They value the convenience of training which is available to follow at home or office, with no travel and no hassle. Until now, most of our presentations have been one-hour talks, occasionally in a short series of two.

Having attended a one-hour session on a particular subject, many of our customers asked for more in-depth training to follow up on what they had learned. We listened and reflected.

ecpd logoThe result of our reflections is that in 2013 eCPD starts a new venture: short online training courses consisting of up to 5, or even more, lessons, delivered weekly. The first one, Business School for Translators, starts on January 28th and is aimed at new translators finding their feet in the business world.

The second and third online training courses will be of great interest to legal translators working in French and Spanish, especially recent graduates. The trainer is Suzanne Deliscar, a qualified lawyer in Canada and linguist who translates in the French-English and Spanish-English language pairs. She has developed a wide range of webinar presentations for legal translators, but this is the first online training course aimed at specific language pairs. The trainer focuses on legal and official document translation, as well as contract abstraction and e-discovery in Spanish and French. The first of these courses (French) starts on 6 March 2013 with the Spanish course beginning on 10 April 2013. The cost of each of these 3-part training courses is just US$162 (approximately £100). Although the terminology discussed will be mainly in a North American context, the course will retain an international focus.

For further information visit our website.

training puzzleTo ensure personal attention places at the training courses are limited. The course includes a video recording of each session, reference material, end-of-course questionnaire, review and correction of sample translation by the trainer and a certificate of achievement. Qualified ATA members completing the course may log three CE points, and the course qualifies for three hours of CPD for other professional organisations.

eCPD is currently seeking trainers to run similar courses in other language pairs.

I am very excited about our new venture and I hope you will be too.

* * *

By Lucy Brooks, FCIL, associate member of ITI, founder and managing director of eCPD Webinars.


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: I have no commercial relationship with the company eCPD Webinars of any kind, and provide the above details purely for information purposes. 

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