Conference – Law Via the Internet, Jersey

400px-Jersey_cow_and_her_calf-1The 2013 Law Via the Internet Conference will take place on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, from 26-27 September 2013. The theme of this year’s Conference is ‘Free Access to Law in a Changing World’.

It is 11 years since the Declaration on Free Access to Law was signed at Montreal and the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM) was founded. Since then the movement has grown to include organisations from more than 50 countries and recent Law Via the Internet conferences have been held in Africa, Asia and North America.

The gratuitous cow picture, for those unfamiliar with Jersey, is of the Jersey breed of cow which produces very creamy milk. There are, however, plenty of beautiful pictures of the island on the conference website. 🙂

One of the keynote speakers, Carol Tullo, will be focusing on ‘Solving the challenge of the 21st century statute book’ in her presentation, investigating how accessibility for the user has been put at the centre of, the official home of UK legislation (see this post).

Papers for the conference will be accepted until 31st March. The organizers are looking for proposals for papers and presentations based around this year’s theme of free access to the law in a changing world. Sessions include e-learning, access to the law and the rule of law and privacy vs open government.

Registration for the conference is now open. Early birds who register before 1st May will get a 20% discount on the conference fee. Register here.


  • E-Learning: distance, blended, open, mobile, gaming, MOOCing and more?
  • Online legal information – starting from scratch
  • Legal knowledge in the age of the semantic web
  • Communicating our work: journals, blogs and other ways of publishing about open access
  • Privacy v open government in legal publishing
  • Emerging patterns of information access and usage
  • Technological development and free access to law


hand gesture body languageJersey is a particularly interesting place to hold an international conference on law, both linguistically and as regards overlapping legal systems (you might also be interested in this post about codification).

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