Survey: Calling those commissioning legal translations

160_F_47429278_5GsLSXbqijigzsuABUdsiUrQm1li9F84Following last week’s post addressed to legal translators, I would now like to ask any readers that commission (or buy / procure / receive…) legal translations, or who know someone who does, to be kind enough to pass on or complete the simple online survey at this link:

I am looking in particular for lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel, para-legals, court workers, and the judiciary.

Please feel free to repost the survey link wherever you think is relevant.

There is also a small project website here:

As you may know from reading the ‘About me’ page of this blog, in addition to my other activities, I am currently researching a PhD. The above survey forms part of the project, since one of the points I am looking at is issues encountered by those commissioning translations. My aim is that the project output could lead to improvements in industry practice.

Many thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Survey: Calling those commissioning legal translations

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