Monday smiles – Words of wisdom

One can always rely on Winnie-the-Pooh for wise words. This week I have been at a conference, and I thought you would enjoy this lovely quote that was cited in a presentation by Anne-Lise Kjaer. I’ll be posting a conference report next week. In the meantime, here’s Pooh…

Caraway_seed_cake“Well,” said Owl, “the customary procedure in such cases is as follows.”

“What does Crustimoney Proseedcake mean?” said Pooh. “For I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me.”

“It means the Thing to Do.”

“As long as it means that, I don’t mind,” said Pooh humbly.

A.A. Milne.

3 thoughts on “Monday smiles – Words of wisdom

  1. It seems that we have been to the same conference. I never thought one could quote Winnie the Pooh while doing a presentation on legal translation. Very funny and a great way to finish a speech on a rather sober subject.

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