ECCLE – Summer course in International Legal Practice, Oxford, UK

F5A summer course “International Legal Practice” is to be held from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th September 2013, at Worcester College, University of Oxford, UK, for lawyers, judges and business professionals. This is the third year that the course has been run, and in 2011 and 2012, it attracted over 60 lawyers, judges and accountants from across Europe, Turkey and Ukraine.

The course is run by ECCLE, (European Center for Continuing Legal Education).

ECCLE provides Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for lawyers, accountants, in-house counsels and graduates in law & economics across Europe. Its courses are accredited in Member States and count towards the domestic requirements of CLE. Based upon the U.S. tradition of CLE, ECCLE law seminars and training programmes are designed to ensure maximum interaction and the sharing of professional experiences among participants. The teaching methodology reflects the U.S. CLE tradition in its “active learning” focus, through individual and group work on court files and case studies. Through a number of seminars and training courses across Europe, ECCLE aims to support the participants’ effort towards the establishment of a genuinely “European” professional.

ECCLE’s programs combine the learning experience with a unprecedented opportunity of networking among young lawyers, entrepreneurs and accountants of Europe and the Middle East.

The programme includes:

  • morning sessions consisting of language practice and comparative civil litigation
  • afternoon sessions of skills-based activities aimed at simulating day-to-day legal practice in mini-groups on international contracts, EU law, European human rights law, and case file management, enabling participants to create their own programme according to their needs. Some one-to-one instruction is also included.

There are also social events during the week, providing opportunities for networking and language practice.

The course brochure can be accessed here: You might also enjoy this dynamic video showing last year’s course in action.


Greece, Corinth CanalRegarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship of any kind with ECCLE, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

5 thoughts on “ECCLE – Summer course in International Legal Practice, Oxford, UK

  1. The word I would choose to describe the classes in Oxford is ‘interactive’. I think these type of lessons are a good way to help students prepare, practice with and apply English skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking. The activities are engaging and the participants work through processes that require problem-solving, active listening, effective writing and of course the spoken word. All the activities are designed to build the skills needed to become better, more active communicators in English…… in a legal context.

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