Book – Legal English (US) for international practitioners

Hot on the heels of last week’s post about a book on effective legal writing, here is a second volume by the same author – Kevin J. Fandl, adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center in the United States.

1620498_bigThe book’s title is Narrowing the Gap: Legal English for the New International Legal Practitioner, and it was published last year by the American Bar Association. There is also a Spanish language edition.

Here is some extracts from the publisher’s ‘blurb’:

“This concise guide provides instruction for foreign legal practitioners or advanced students on the basics of the U.S. legal system and the process of legal reasoning, using substantive topics in U.S. law as example.

…you’ll be exposed to legal concepts in your system and language, and those same concepts in the U.S. legal system. This engaging book will help you develop confidence in the use of terms and concepts that are frequently used in the U.S. legal system. You’ll find expert guidance on topics like summarizing key U.S. legal decisions, researching caselaw online, appealing judgments, and preparing case summaries for a client or partner. The guide addresses each concept using plain English language and, where appropriate, giving examples of concepts in practice to strengthen the reader’s understanding.

Narrowing the Gap also provides special focus on contracts, torts, and trade law. In these areas, you’ll find an outline of the law in the U.S., as well as central concepts of relevance to that area of law today. In addition, the book illustrates the pitfalls that a foreign legal practitioner can encounter when working in these areas of U.S. law to help them approach these cases with a cautious eye to detail.

… also a specialized legal English dictionary of terms and phrases that are most commonly used in the three substantive areas and in the procedural practice area of law.”

Some reviews can be found on the website of the American Bar Association here. A list of contents can be found here. The Spanish edition can be found on this page.

Greece, Corinth CanalPlease do write in if you would like to review this book for the blog.

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