Book publication – Effective legal writing

The full title of the book is Lost in Translation: Effective Legal Writing for the International Legal Community, and it has recently been published by the well known database publisher LexisNexis. The author, Kevin J. Fandl, is adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center.

Here is the publishers ‘blurb’. If anyone has already purchased the book, do write in and share your opinion of it with us. No comment from me on the first part of the title…

“A globalized law market necessarily implies cross-border legal communications. Whether it is a non-U.S. attorney providing legal guidance to a U.S. firm, or an English speaking client located overseas receiving that advice directly, there is a rapidly growing need for foreign legal practitioners to communicate their legal ideas in English. It is essential that this advice be communicated effectively so as to maintain the meaning of their words and to properly counsel thlostineffectiveeir client or colleague. Mistakes in translation, grammar, style, and form may not only misconstrue the intended advice – they can lead to unwanted actions and even frustration of the intent of the guidance.

The focus of Lost in Translation: Effective Legal Writing for the International Legal Community is on providing clear solutions to common errors present in the legal writing of foreign legal practitioners and law students. This book is designed in an accessible format with samples of legal correspondence, contracts, case briefs, and citations to allow the reader to obtain thorough explanations and clear guidance for all of their drafting needs.”

It can be obtained as a book or as a Kindle edition. You can find out more from the publishers’ website here, including the table of contents.

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