Training – English law course in Nice, France

7038475847_7255610d69_cDavid Hutchins, of Lexacom English Law Courses, is running a two-day course on Contract law & civil liability, the English legal system, and Company law terminology from 22-23 November 2013.

The course is aimed at legal translators and interpreters but is suitable also for civil code lawyers provided they have the requisiite level of English.

(WordstoDeeds: Can’t guarantee the weather will look like this, but hope springs eternal…)

Further details can be found here.

You can email or telephone David Hutchins for the detailed course programme and/or the booking procedure, terms and conditions. No booking is contractually effective until the course fee has been paid, so participants are strongly advised not to incur travel, accommodation or other expenses before their booking is secured.

The course is to be repeated in Bonn, Germany on 18th & 19th January 2014.


Greece, Corinth CanalRegarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship of any kind with the company Lexacom, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

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