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La Santé prison, Paris, France

Criminocorpus is an online scholarly publication on the subject of criminal justice history.

It provides researchers and the general public with free access to a wide range of primary sources, together with analysis of key subjects by leading specialists in the field. There are also a growing number of online multimedia exhibitions.

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Training – English law course in Nice, France

7038475847_7255610d69_cDavid Hutchins, of Lexacom English Law Courses, is running a two-day course on Contract law & civil liability, the English legal system, and Company law terminology from 22-23 November 2013.

The course is aimed at legal translators and interpreters but is suitable also for civil code lawyers provided they have the requisiite level of English.

(WordstoDeeds: Can’t guarantee the weather will look like this, but hope springs eternal…)

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EU moves to liberalize the profession of French notaires

Arie de Vois - Portrait of a Notary

Arie de Vois – Portrait of a Notary

Europe denounces the monopoly of notaries, as well as the condition of access to the profession, both of which are considered not competitive. Moves were already under discussion in the drafting of Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market, but had been shelved. A CJEU ruling in 2011 determined that notarial activities are in the field of competition, and a recent Council recommendation (see page 5) has underscored that ruling.

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Factsheets on justice systems in 5 EU countries

The ImPLI (Improving Police and Legal Interpreting) project has made available 10 fact sheets describing the legal systems of Germany, Scotland, France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

The fact sheets are succinct and provide a good overview for reference. They can be downloaded from the project’s webpage.

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