Call for trainee translators & interpreters – Model United Nations

%22NATO%22_(Pražský_studentský_summit,_2011)The Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) 2014 Annual Conference (22-28 march 2014) is recruiting!

GIMUN is a fully student-run Non Governmental Organisation in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Its goal is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations among the youth – university students in particular. It seeks to provide young adults with a multilateral platform to discuss various global issues that are handled by the UN. The core event is the Annual MUN Conference, but other activities are organized throughout the year.


GIMUN is recruiting 12 volunteer and student Translators to translate the Study Guides and resolutions that are drafted during the 2014 Annual Conference, under the direction of a Team Leader.

The following positions are open: 9 Translators FR > EN, 3 Translators EN > FR


For more information click here.


A team of 20+ trainee conference interpreters will provide interpreting throughout the conference. As part of a new focus on training, this year GIMUN has linked up with a number of interpreting schools across Europe. Each school has been allocated a certain number of places and it is up to them to decide which students fill them.

There are also a limited number of places open to individual applications.

• Recent (2012 or 2013) conference interpreting graduates with EN>FR or FR>EN
• Trainee conference interpreters, with a suitable language combination, who do not attend one of the partner institutions.

For more information click here.

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