Webinar – Deconstructing a lawsuit

590px-AncientlibraryalexThe Alexandria Project, a relatively new initiative launched last year (2013), offers a number of webinars for translators and interpreters.

It also offers other resources including online courses, workshops and training, as well as glossaries, term bases and e-books.

Past webinars are available as on-demand videos, and I have noted a number that might be of particular interest to you:

  • O processo, peça por peça (Portuguese)
  • Civil procedure – Processo Civil (Portuguese)
  • Private Law – Direito Civil (Portuguese)
  • Introdução ao Direito (Portuguese).

There are also many webinars on more general translation issues.

If you act *very* quickly, you may be able to catch a webinar today, entitled Deconstructing a lawsuit, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM GMT (5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Central European Summer Time). The language is Portuguese.

The project was named after the Great Library of Alexandria, and its objectives are stated as follows, found on the website:

  • Create a platform for resources and training, to help translation services providers in their day-to-day work, and help them stay up-to-date on the latest tools and trends – there is no longer a need to explain the importance and benefits of professional development throughout one’s career, particularly in our profession where we learn something new every day from each text we translate.
  • Offer a platform for colleagues who wish to share specific knowledge, experiences or expertise so that they allow others to benefit from it, therefore helping themselves to establish their reputation within the profession.
  • Develop a network of training partners – small LSPs and freelance translators with high standards and keen to share their knowledge and expertise
  • Contribute to promoting the importance and value of our profession
  • Educate translation buyers on the value of our work and high quality standards and raise awareness : yes, translation and interpretation are a real job and a real industry!
  • Meet and train translators to grow our own network of service providers as a translation company (a somewhat “selfish” goal, yes 😉


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: Regarding disclosure, I have no relationship of any kind with the Alexandria Project or with the company GxP Language Services, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

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