Research journal issue on crime fiction (open access)

crimefictionThe latest issue of The Journal of Specialised Translation is now available, including articles on crime fiction in translation, video interviews with crime fiction writers and translators, and reviews.

The journal is well-regarded and aims to create a forum for translators and researchers in specialised translation, to disseminate information, exchange ideas and to provide a dedicated publication outlet. Its issues are open access.

Here is the contents list of the current issue (22) to whet your appetites:


  • Introduction and overview of crime (fiction) in translation 
by Karen Seago
  • La omisión como estrategia de traducción del género negro: 
Io uccido, by Giorgio Faletti
by Esther Morillas
  • Hardboiled or overcooked? Translating the crime fiction of Léo Malet 
by Jean Anderson
  • Why not translate metaphor in French crime fiction?
The case of Cary Férey’s Utu 
by Ellen Carter
  • Reusing existing translations: 
mediated Chandler novels in French and Spanish 
by Daniel Linder
  • Translating ‘filth  and trash’:
 German translations of Agatha Christie’s detective novels between 1927 and 1939
 by Marjolijn Storm
  • From literary girl to graphic novel hero —
transmedial transformation of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander 
by Kerstin Bergman
  • Subtitling stereotyped discourse in the crime TV series Dexter (2006) and Castle (2009) 
by Blanca Arias Badia and Jenny Brumme
  • The mysterious case of theory and practice: crime fiction in collaborative translation by Brigid Maher
  • An excerpt from “Falange armata,” chapter 2, in Carlo Lucarelli [1993](2009). L’ispettore Coliandro. Turin: Einaudi.
  • Collaborative translation of the above chapter led by Brigid Maher
  • Translating the mafia: legal translation issues and strategies
 by Nicolas Whithorn
  • Criminals interpreting for criminals: breaking or shaping norms? 
by Aída Martínez-Gómez
  • From suspicion to collaboration: defining new epistemologies of reflexive practice for legal translation and interpreting
 by M. Rosario Martín Ruano


Karen Seago interviews the following crime fiction writers and translators:

  • Domingo Villar.
  • Dominique Manotti with translator Amanda Hopkinson.
  • Marcello Fois with translator Silvester Mazzarella.
  • Pia Juul.
  • Isabel Del Rio.


There are also several reviews in this issue, some of which might be of particular interest to readers of this blog.

The journal can be consulted here.

To those who might wonder why I foreground open access journals – it is because most professional translators do not have access to highly priced academic journals, and therefore, even if they wish to do so, often cannot consult them.


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