Research journal on legal translation (open access)

10404994606_afa6d7c127_cSince one of the aims of this blog is to build bridges between academia and practice, I was delighted to see that the December issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series -Themes in Translation Studies on “Research models and methods in legal translation” had been published in digital form for the first time, and with open access.

The issue contains articles by leading legal translation scholars, and is well worth looking at. Here is a taster of the contents:


Research models and methods in legal translation


  • Dealing with deontic modality in a termbase: the case of Dutch and Spanish legal language
  • A genre analysis approach to the study of the translation of court documents
  • Die notarielle Urkunde im italienisch-deutschen Vergleich: Überlegungen zur Übersetzung von Immobilienkaufverträgen
  • Investigating legal information in commercial websites: the Terms and conditions of use in different varieties of English
  • Exploring near-synonymous terms in legal language. A corpus-based, phraseological perspective
  • Comparative law and equivalence assessment of system-bound terms in EU legal translation
  • Legal translation and “traditional” comparative law – Similarities and differences
  • Fine tuning style and precision: Adapting directive citations to Finnish statutes
  • Towards a new research model in legal translation: future perspectives in the era of asymmetry
  • Cross-linguistic Semantics of International Law. A corpus-informed translation of A. Cassese’s International Law into Greek

Book Review

Borja Albi, A., & Prieto Ramos, F. (Eds). Legal translation in context: Professional issues and prospects.

Click here to access the journal. The papers can be downloaded as PDFs.


Credit: Thanks to Lucja Biel for the heads-up via LinkedIn.

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