Conference – CIUTI Forum 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

127443449_9987e03604_zThe annual CIUTI forum (the International Standing Conference of University Institutes of Translating and Interpreting) will be held from 15-16 January 2015, at the United Nations, Palais des Nations,
 Geneva, Switzerland.

Next year’s event is entitled “Pillars of communication in times of uncertainty“.

Thursday, 15th January 2015

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Breakthrough to be made in Interdisciplinary Research in interface with Translating & Interpreting
  • Top level planning, identification and goals in Translating & Interpreting
  • The Role of Supranational Bodies and Institutions
  • King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation

Friday, 16th January 2015

  • Openness and Inclusiveness – Core Issues of Collaboration
  • EURASIA and the Silk Road Belt
  • Transnational Private-Public Partnership
  • Degrees of institutionalization and their Influence on Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • On Deterritorialization of Translation Services
  • Preserving Confidentiality and Credibility – a Problem for Translation in the Cloud
  • Closing ceremony

To download the programme and register, see the forum website here.

If you’re curious, the picture above of Geneva pillars, by John & Met Kots, shows the International Labour Organization building.

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