Compendiums of euro and monetary union legislation 2014

4132600585_b085fe3c49_zA compilation, issued by the European Commission, bringing together the core legal texts on euro banknotes and coins has just been published. It is entitled “Economic and Monetary Union – Main Euro Cash Legislation 2014“.

It complements the European Commission’s publication “Economic and Monetary Union: Main Legal Texts (2014)” on core legal texts on the functioning of the EMU.

The Euro Cash Legislation compendium contains three main sections: primary law; monetary agreements; and secondary legislation relating to euro banknotes and coins, legal tender, cross-border transport of cash by road, protection against counterfeiting, prevention of money laundering, and changeovers. It can be downloaded here.

The EMU guide contains six sections: Foundations (treaties and secondary legislation); Fiscal Coordination; Economic Coordination; Financial Assistance and Surveillance; European Central Bank; and Main inter-governmental Texts (on stability). It can be downloaded here.

As far as I can tell, both the compendium and the guide are only available in English for the moment.

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