World Bank publications

5618697003_e50865cf5c_bFollowing a post last June on “Puppet Masters” – a report on the proceeds of corruption and the recovery of stolen assets – I thought you might be interested in the range of publications made available by the World Bank.

The publications can found and read on the platform “issuu” here, and many are also available from the World Bank’s own “Open Knowledge Repository”. I noted in particular the “Asset Recovery Handbook” (in English Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Thai), and “Public Wrongs, Private Actions” which contains details of civil lawsuits from all around the world. As you will see, there is a wealth of information, reports and guides on money laundering issues and other types of financial crime, not to mention many other areas.

If you want to find out all about the World Bank Group and what it does, this “A to Z” report might be of interest.

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