On-demand video from UK Supreme Court

uksupremecourtAs a further step towards public access, the website of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court now includes video recordings of its proceedings.

Footage of hearings will be made available on the next business day, for one year.

Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger was quoted by the BBC as saying that the service “would allow people to see the background to decisions made in the court”, and would also be “an informative tool for those considering a law career”.

It has been likened to TV “catch-up”, being dubbed a “legal iPlayer”. Up to now, the Court’s YouTube channel has shown summaries.

The Court also has a live streaming service, which has been used by about 15,000 people each month since its launch in October 2014.

The services can be found on the home page of the website under “Watch video on demand” and “Supreme Court Live” respectively.

This post from 2013, although no longer up-to-date, includes a simple video introduction exploring the role and the workings of the UK Supreme Court.


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